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 AniBolton_ThePenwythBride_200pxBook 1 of the Witch’s Daughter: The Penwyth Bride 

England, 1745. Persia Eames, the daughter of a known witch, spends her life running from her heritage. Her father’s high rank saves her from her mother’s fate, which was death at the hands of the villagers, but can’t protect her forever.

Fate intervenes when Persia is sent to Cornwall for an arranged marriage into the affluent Penwyth family. The Penwyths are consumed with the ambitions of the new gentry and are eager to align Persia’s wealth with theirs. Soon Persia becomes enmeshed in the Penwyth family secrets, including Roger Penwyth, a moody, troubled man, fodder for local gossip and given to strange turns. Roger’s life and hers begin to be inextricably twinned by a passion beyond their control. But Roger isn’t the man she’s been sent to marry.  And the villagers are beginning to realize that Persia carries a witch’s heritage in her bloodline. Persia is driven to make a choice between the man she is expected to marry, and the one who wants her.

With the sweep of historical family sagas like Poldark, gothic suspense novels such as Rebecca, and a story alive with magic, The Penwyth Bride will appeal to lovers of sensual gothic romances.

Please note: The Penwyth Bride is part one of a two part series and ends in a cliffhanger.

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AniBolton_MistressOfLyhalis_200pxBook 2 of the Witch’s Daughter: Mistress of Lyhalis

After defying her family to marry Roger Penwyth, black sheep of the Penwyth family, Persia Eames settles at Lyhalis, Roger’s crumbling estate by the sea, and a land steeped in Cornish myth and legend.

Nights of passion give way to days filled with secrets. Despite the uncertainties and her husband’s strange behavior, Persia finds herself falling in love.

But as Roger’s craving for his wife grows deeper each day, the old ways of the Cornovii call. A terrible truth is revealed, and Persia learns that she may be the instrument of her husband’s destruction. Soon Persia must summon a power she’s spent her entire life suppressing, or lose the man she’s grown to love forever.

The Witch’s Daughter Series

Book 1 – The Penwyth Bride

Book 2 – Mistress of Lyhalis

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Steel and Song: The Aileron Chronicles Book 1

Dieselpunk, magic, and romance, set in the alt-reality of WW1 …

Airwitch Tova Vanaskaya’s choices are few: use her magic to fly an elite aircraft in the Grand Duchy’s army or be shipped to the trenches. But invoking too much magic can kill the wielder, and her Cossack captain has a hell-bent-for-leather streak that pushes her to the brink. It’s a good thing she’s not afraid to push back.

Airship captain Piers Dashkov lost his friends, family ties and self-respect in a rash act years ago, so it’s fine by him if the odds of surviving a dogfight are slim to none. His goal is simple: find redemption through valor and regain his lost honor in death if not life. He needs the smart-mouthed airwitch to achieve that impossible goal, but he never thought she would prove to be his salvation.

While the enemy is on the move, and whispers of revolution echo from the salons of the noble Cossack Houses to the tenement slums of Muscovy, one reckless night of passion creates a connection that will reverberate fatally for nations as well as for Tova and Piers.

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The Gisbornes of Nottingham trilogy

The Gisbornes of Nottingham trilogy is sexy spin on the legend of Robin Hood. It’s irreverent and intended for adult audiences.

FinalLadyMarBook 1: Lady Marian of Gisborne – Read the first book for free!

Lady Marian, called Fair Maid Marian by the folk of Nottinghamshire, always thought she was destined for marriage to Robin of Loxley, now an outlaw called Robin Hood. Instead, Marian is married to Robin’s most implacable enemy, Sir Guy of Gisborne. Marian vows that Sir Guy may have her body, but he will never have her love. That is for always and ever reserved for Robin.

Sir Guy of Gisborne has learned to survive a brutal world by becoming a sword-for-hire to the Sheriff of Nottingham. He is rewarded with marriage to the most eligible woman in the shire. To his surprise, Sir Guy finds himself captivated by his wife’s beauty and spirit, with a passion that matches his own. But Marian makes it clear her heart belongs to another, and that he must never forget.

Soon Marian is forced make a terrible choice: the outlaw who rules her heart, or the husband who rules her desires.

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FinalLadysPlBook 2: At My Lady’s Pleasure

Now happily wedded and bedded by Sir Guy of Gisborne, it is easy for Lady Marian to forget that England teeters on the brink of collapse. But war and rebellion threaten the fragile stability of the kingdom. Worse, as Prince John’s vassal, Sir Guy is called to lead the Nottinghamshire muster.

War takes Sir Guy from his beloved Marian and into a hell he’d thought he’d never again experience. As the shadows of Sir Guy’s dark past deepen, an old enemy returns to ensure Sir Guy never comes home. It will take every ounce of Sir Guy’s skill, cunning and treachery to survive and return to his beloved Marian.

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FinalHawksBook 3: A Hawk’s Tale

A pair of hawking gloves reminds Lady Marian that even before she married Sir Guy of Gisborne, when folk called her Fair Maid Marian, the hateful Sir Guy stirred her senses in a way Robin Hood never could.

A Hawk’s Tale, a 5,000 word short story, continues the story of Lady Marian and Sir Guy of Gisborne.

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FinalGisbornesBoxThe Gisbornes of Nottingham omnibus

All three novellas in one!

A sexy, humorous spin on the legend of Robin Hood, the Gisbornes of Nottingham trilogy tells the story of what would happen if the feisty and passionate Maid Marian was wed to Robin Hood’s enemy, the darkly brooding Sir Guy of Gisborne. Contains all three stories:

Book 1: Lady Marian of Gisborne

Book 2: At My Lady’s Pleasure

Book 3: A Hawk’s Tale

Contains adult situations and is recommended for mature audiences.

Available at AmazoniBooks, Nook, and Kobo.


Lady C 500x750Lady Crispell and the Dread Magician – a novelette

Never trust a dread magician…

Or so it was said. But Lady Verity Crispell needed to do just that to extricate herself from a troublesome mess involving an ancient Egyptian cult. The dread magician Silas Fyrelight, however, has set his sights on seducing Verity. Worst of all, she’s finding it nearly impossible to resist. With her heart on the line and her life in his hands, can she trust the dread magician at all?

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